What is multi car insurance and how does it save me money?

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How a multi car policy can suit your requirements

Our multi car policies can cater for specialist vehicles and modern cars.

Specialist vehicle cover:

  • Classic and specialist vehicle collections
  • Specialist and niche vehicle owners’ collections (e.g. kit cars and ex-military vehicles)
  • High net worth individuals who drive or collect prestige and luxury vehicles
  • Ultra-high net worth individuals who have a high value collection of vehicles, including supercars and exotica
  • Nationwide cover, including Northern Ireland
  • Policies are available to policyholders aged 30 to 80
  • No restriction on the number of vehicles you can have on the policy, minimum requirement is two
  • No restriction on the value of your collection

Modern cars only:

  • Nationwide cover, including Northern Ireland
  • Must have more cars than drivers
  • One vehicle must have a minimum value of £12,000
  • Drivers aged between 30 to 76 years only
  • Named drivers must all live at the main residence (we can accommodate a second address such as storage premises or a holiday home)
  • Policy benefits pass on to spouse or partner

Why is Abbeyfields different from the rest?

Unlike direct insurance providers on comparison websites, our quotations are not generated by automated systems. We underwrite our own policies with traditional underwriting methods ensuring that your cover is suitable and the premium is based on the right risks factors.

For example, our quote would not suddenly increase because you included a supercar. We would look at other factors such as how the car will be used and the driver’s experience, rather than just rating on the badge on the front bonnet.

Our head of multi car is Jayne Jordan, who has been underwriting and broking specialist vehicle insurance for over 30 years all with the UK’s leading providers.

Do I need to start cover on all the vehicles? I have different renewal dates.

We can start cover on just one vehicle and we can add the others to the policy when they are due for renewal.

If you have the expiry dates of your other policies to hand, tell your account manager and they will arrange for their addition to the policy.

After twelve months you will have all your vehicles on one policy.

What if I sell or buy a new vehicle?

Our multi car policies are very flexible! You can add, change and remove vehicles mid-term as and when you require. You will have your own dedicated account manager who will guide you through and administrate the changes for you.

Like everyone else we do charge an admin fee for policy adjustments such as adding or removing vehicles. However, our fees are some of the lowest on the market. Unlike everyone else we do not charge for minor adjustments such as changing a registration number.

Will I lose benefits from my classic car policy?

No, not at all. Our multi car insurers are also heavily involved in classic car insurance, so we have been able to combine all the features and benefits of classic and standard motor insurance all in the one document.

The features and benefits you can expect:

Available discounts

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You Save £££

How do I get a multi car quotation?

Call our team on 0121 550 2380 or leave a call back request below and we will get in touch at a convenient time to you.

When you speak to us, we will take the information on all your vehicles and offer you an overall annual premium.

By using Abbeyfields to arrange your insurance, we ensure that we have selected the right insurance company for you and all of your vehicles, but you will also benefit from all of the multi car discount you are entitled to at the start, whether you start on one car, two or all of them.

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