The classification of what a veteran and vintage car is varies across different countries, clubs and organisations. There is no universal agreement much like there is no standard definition of what makes a classic car.

Do veteran or vintage cars require special insurance?

Our classic car insurance policies are based on three variables:

  • The year
  • The value
  • The mileage

Therefore, we are able to insure a wide range of vehicles regardless of their classification. Put simply, it doesn’t matter if you own a vintage car or antique vehicle, we can still help.

Do you insure veteran and vintage car collections?

Yes, we do. There is no upper limit on how many vehicles you can have on your policy or the value of the total collection. We also offer laid up insurance if you intend not to use your vehicles.

How can I get a quote for my veteran or vintage car?

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Here are some common questions about veteran and vintage car insurance.

What is a vintage car?

According to Wikipedia, common definitions of a vintage car put the vehicle manufacturing date between 1919 and 1930. Others classify vehicles manufactured between 1931 and 1945 as post-vintage.

What is an veteran car?

An veteran car could be classified as a vehicle that was manufactured at the dawn of mass automobile production before 1919. These milestones are very much related to major historical events.

World War I greatly reduced car production in the UK, however, the conflict led to the development of new techniques in mass-production which influenced how the automobile industry grew from 1919 onwards.

In 1929, the stock market crash in the USA triggered the Great Depression which greatly affected heavy industries around the world such as automobile manufacturing. When the depression hit Europe, countries such as the UK were still recovering from the great war. As a result, the amount of UK car manufacturers was slashed by 68% leaving Morris, Austin and Singer as the dominant producers of automobiles.

What are examples of veteran and vintage cars?

  • Austin 7
  • Lancia Lambda
  • Ford Model T
  • Bugatti Type 35
  • Alfa Romeo 8C
  • Allard
  • Alvis 12/50
  • Amilcar C Series
  • Bentley 3-litre
  • De Dion Bouton

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