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Why should you buy cyber cover?

Your business is at risk if...

  • You hold customer or employee data such as names, addresses, bank details, passport copies etc;
  • You use a computer to operate;
  • You have a website;
  • You take payment via card;
  • You store data in the cloud or rely on cloud-based services;
  • You make electronic payments;

Cyber cover could provide you protection against:

  • data breaches – where personal or commercial information (electronic or otherwise) is accessed without authorisation;
  • security failure – a hacker exploits weaknesses in your security systems, leaving your business exposed;
  • cyber attacks – any digital attack against your business;
  • extortion – criminals holding your systems or data to ransom or threatening to publish information;
  • human errors – mistakes made by staff or suppliers that results in a data breach or system outage;
  • business interruption – covering the loss of income that you may suffer from a cyber attack;
  • GDPR – covering your liabilities and the cost of defending regulatory investigations after any alleged breach of data protection legislation;
  • reputational damage – includes PR and crisis management support, and covers lost revenue or customers;
  • financial crime and fraud – the use of the internet to deceive employees, customers or suppliers into transferring money or goods;
  • property damage – physical damage to equipment or property resulting from a cyber attack;
  • dependent business interruption – covering lost revenue or increased costs incurred if a supplier’s systems are taken offline by a cyber incident.

Some insurers offer additional benefits such as:

  • Free cyber risk management
  • Reduce excess to Nil if your staff pass a short online cyber training module
  • Cyber Academy – an online training suite for cyber security to reduce your risk

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