A modern classic is a vehicle that has the desirability and collectability of an older car but does not have the age to qualify for some classic car insurance schemes.

Insurance providers have minimum age requirements. This can be 20, 25, 30 or 40 years old before they will accept a vehicle on their scheme. We have the facilities to accommodate all age requirements.

Once a vehicle gets to a certain age, it doesn’t automatically qualify as a classic car. Manufacturers produce millions of particular models due to demand. These models may never have a collectable or classic car status.

There are four key areas which help determine whether a model will become a modern classic before moving to full classic car status as it ages.

  • Rare and limited manufacturing
  • Iconic or prestigious marque history
  • Sports and performance
  • Nostalgia

Marques like Ferrari or Porsche are well known for their iconic history. Marques like TVR and Morgan are known for limited manufacturing. Some classic cars are revived with modern manufacturing such as the Fiat 124 Spider and the Alpine Renault. All of these examples are destined for modern and full classic car status.

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