Restoring a classic? Building a kit or replica? Do you have a collection of cars or bikes that you don’t have the time to use? Do you want to protect an investment? Or do you have another reason for keeping your vehicle off the road?

If your answer is yes, then speak to us about a policy to cover your vehicle whilst it’s laid up or SORN

It’s a common misconception that your home insurance will cover your vehicle when you are not using it. Unless you have a specific arrangement, your car or bike is not covered under your contents cover.

Imagine the damage to a panel or the paintwork if a ladder falls on to your vehicle. Our laid up and SORN policies will cover such eventualities plus cover for fire and theft.

Our policies are not restricted to vehicles of a certain age so if you have a modern or future classic then we can help you too. All that we need is for your vehicle to be kept in a locked garage.

Important – Laid up and SORN policies do not provide any road use or third party liability. If you plan on using your vehicle very occasionally on the road or taking it to a show, speak to one of our team about our limited mileage policies.

If your vehicle is kept on a public road or highway, you must have a valid insurance policy covering the minimum legal requirements.

Does my car or vehicle have to be inured if it's SORN?

Visit the UK Government's website for more info.

Can I SORN a vehicle with no insurance?

Yes, you can.

How do I declare my car or vehicle SORN?

Visit this page on the UK Government's website.

If I SORN my car or vehicle, is my insurance still valid?

This is dependent on your insurance provider so it’s best to contact them.

Our classic car insurance policies will still cover your vehicle even if you declare it SORN. At the end of the day, laid up or SORN insurance provides very basic cover which is automatically included in our policies designed for public road usage.

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