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  • You get a dedicated account manager
  • Only pay for what you need with our bespoke insurance packages
  • Our quotes are based on human assessment, not automated systems
  • Generous discounts available
  • We underwrite our own policies
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • We don’t use phone options or automated attendants

Our head of multi bike is Jayne Jordan who has been underwriting this type of insurance for over 30 years, all with the UK’s leading providers.

How can I get a multi bike insurance quote?

Available discounts

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You Save £££

Classic bike benefits

  • Free agreed value
  • Limited mileage discounts - up to 5,000 miles per annum
  • Enthusiast club discount
  • Your choice of repairer
  • Motor legal expenses - up to £100,000
  • Cover for shows and events included as standard
  • Cover for loss of or damage to motorcycle accessories and spare parts
  • Replacement keys and locks cover
  • Dash cameras - all excesses will be waived if footage is provided within 48 hours of the incident occurring regardless of fault
  • We cover modified and custom vehicles
  • Laid up cover

Multi bike benefits

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Policy covers classic and everyday motorcycles
  • Full multi bike discount on your first motorcycle
  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Breakdown and accident recovery - options to the level of cover noted on the quotation
  • Our admin fees are some of the lowest on the market
  • Driving other bikes extension
  • Uninsured loss recovery

Here are some frequently asked questions about multi bike insurance

What is multi bike insurance?

Multi bike insurance works in the same way as multi car insurance. For more info, read how multi car insurance works.

Is there a limit on how many bikes I can have on my policy?

No, the skies the limit (if your garage is big enough!).

Is it only for classic bikes?

No. So long as there are more bikes than riders, we can accommodate a mix of classic and daily usage bikes. We also cover classic and specialist motorcycle collections.

Do you cover bikes in Northern Ireland?

Yes, we cover bikes across the UK including Northern Ireland.

I have different renewal dates; will this be a problem?

No. We are able to bring together your existing renewal dates as they expire over the course of your policy so you end up with one common renewal date. This will save you time and money in the long-run. Just let your account manager know your renewal dates and we can do all the work for you.

What if I sell or buy a motorcycle mid-term?

Our policies are really flexible. We can add, remove or change any motorcycle mid-term. You can also opt for a dedicated account manager who will provide dedicated assistance for mid-term policy adjustments. We do charge an admin fee for policy adjustments such as adding or removing motorcycle, however, our fees are some of the lowest on the market. We do not charge for minor adjustments such as changing a registration plate number.

What happens if I need to claim? Does it affect my whole policy?

No, just the motorcycle or possibly the driver involved in the incident. This is dependent on the circumstance of the incident, if you would like to know more, contact us.

Is my no claims bonus protected?

We protect your no claims bonus providing you have the minimum number of four years. Protected bonus only applies to modern bikes, not your classic.

Can I have agreed value on my classic motorcycles?

Yes. Our multi bike policies combine the features and benefits of our classic motorcycle and regular motor policies so it does not affect your cover.

Am I still entitled to a club and limited mileage discounts even though I have daily usage motorcycles on my multi bike policy?

Yes. Our multi bike insurance providers also underwrite our classic motorcycle policies and they all appreciate the nature of club membership and limited mileage. In a nutshell, you receive a club discount on your classics and daily usage motorcycles.

Can I specify who drives what motorcycle?

Yes. You can nominate riders as part of your bespoke cover package.

Can my partner keep their own policy and bonus?

Yes. Our multi bike policies are designed for your family fleet. The features and benefits for the principle policy holder will pass on to your partner without affecting their existing policy or no claims bonus.

Can I include other vehicles like vans or motorhomes?

A multi bike insurance policy is just for motorcycles. If you would like to include other vehicles, you’ll need a multi car insurance policy.

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