Kit & Replica Car Insurance by Abbeyfields with Generous Discounts
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Building your own car or having the factory do it for you? Whatever your needs, get a quote from us for a specialist kit and replica policy in the UK.

Whether you have a Dutton Phaeton, Westfield 11, Nova, Spartan, Quantum or Lomax, call us today for a conversation about your motoring costs and requirements.

What we can cover:

  • Cobra replicas such as DAX, Hawk 289 and Pilgrim
  • Supercars like Ferrari 355 and Testarossa
  • Iconic vehicles such as GT40 and Porsche Speedster
  • Pre war and running boards
  • Sevenesque Roadster

Available discounts

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Features and benefits

  • No extra charge for agreed value
  • Enhanced cover for spares and accessories
  • No second car requirement
  • Our admin fees are some of the lowest on the market

Sound good?


Would you prefer to call us?

0800 699 0659 0121 550 2380