Building your own car or having the factory do it for you? Whatever your needs, get a quote from us for a specialist kit and replica policy in the UK.

Whether you have a Dutton Phaeton, Westfield 11, Nova, Spartan, Quantum or Lomax, call us today for a conversation about your motoring costs and requirements.

What we can cover:

  • Cobra replicas such as DAX, Hawk 289 and Pilgrim
  • Supercars like Ferrari 355 and Testarossa
  • Iconic vehicles such as GT40 and Porsche Speedster
  • Pre war and running boards
  • Sevenesque Roadster

How do I get a kit or replica car insurance quote?

Call our team on 0121 550 2380 for a quick quote, suited to your needs. We are available 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Or you can leave your details using our quote form and the best time for us to call you back. We cover vehicles across the UK including Northern Ireland.

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