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Classic Ford Car Insurance

We are a classic Ford car insurance specialist. We cover all classic models such Capri, Anglia, XR, Cosworth, Tickford, Grenada, Sierra and Zodiac. Whatever your classic car insurance requirements, talk to us, our team have been protecting classic Ford vehicles for over 25 years.

Do you have a Focus RS? We can provide modern classic car insurance. We also provide prestige car insurance if you own a modern Ford GT for example.

Are you a member of an owners or enthusiasts club such as the Ford Owners Club, XR Owners Club or the RS Owners Club? Let us know! We’ll give you a discount, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll also give you additional discounts for limited mileage and if you take out multi car insurance. You receive the full multi car discount when the first car joins.

Ford Capri

How can I get a classic Ford car insurance quote?

Call our team on 0121 550 2380 for a quick quote, suited to your needs. We are available 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Or you can leave your details using our quote form and the best time for us to call you back.

We insure all classic, modern classic and prestige models of Ford across the UK including Northern Ireland.

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Why insure your classic Ford with us?

We don’t give system driven quotes. Instead we use experienced account handlers who know a thing or two about broking specialist insurance for classic, modern classic and prestige Fords. We create bespoke cover packages, that’s why we require a call to find out everything about you and your Ford before we give you a quote.

We pride ourselves on using good-old fashioned conversation to help you get the best insurance cover. That’s why we don’t give out automated online quotes or use telephone options. When you call us, you’re straight through to our team who have been underwriting classic car insurance for over 25 years.

Classic Ford Mustang

Is a Ford Mustang considered a sports car for insurance?

We take three factors into consideration when quoting on classic Ford insurance. The year, the value and the mileage. A Ford Mustang is a car specifically built for performance using higher spec kit which is more expensive to repair or replace. The availability of parts is also a crucial factor that affects premiums for classic Ford Mustangs.

Either way, the performance capability is taken into consideration as is with all sports or muscle cars.

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Mustang in the UK?

Again, the price of insuring a Ford Mustang depends on the year, value and mileage. We also look at other factors such as how the car will be used that goes beyond the typical social, domestic or pleasure categories. This also goes for imported Mustangs.

Our goal is to give you the best possible price which reflects you and your Ford Mustang.