Goodbye Ford Fiesta: A Tribute to a Classic Car

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta, one of Ford's most loved and best-selling cars, has been in production for nearly 47 years. Since 1976, the Fiesta has been the country's go-to car for millions of people. But unfortunately, time has come for the car to be retired, and Ford has officially announced the end of Ford Fiesta. As big fans of Ford's classic cars and the Fiesta, we wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to this iconic car.

A Brief Overview of Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is one of the longest-produced Ford models, and it has been known for its fuel economy, affordability, and reliability. There have been 7 generations of the Fiesta with engine sizes ranging from 957cc to 2000cc as development and engineering progressed over the decades. There have been several models of hot hatches, limited edition cars, and even vans such as the XRV. The Fiesta has also had a limited run of RS-badged models, such as the RS Turbo and RS1800, before the ST badge was introduced for the performance range.

Ford Fiesta MK1

What Made the Fiesta So Special?

The Ford Fiesta is a very versatile vehicle. It has been around for so long, it's no wonder it became an icon of British motoring culture. With its sizable range of engines and transmissions, the Fiesta was able to cater to different needs and budgets. Despite its small size, the Fiesta always had plenty of room for passengers and plenty of legroom. It also came with great features such as air conditioning, climate control, power windows and locks, CD players, Bluetooth, rear-view camera systems, cruise control and even heated seats in some models. The Fiesta was also renowned for its fuel efficiency and affordability—two qualities that made it an attractive option for drivers on a budget or those looking for an economical car.

Why is Ford Ending Fiesta Production?

In 2022, Ford ceased production of all three-door Fiestas. Due to decreasing sales this year, they will also discontinue the 5-door model. One of the reasons why Ford has decided to end Fiesta production is because the demand has shifted. Consumers are opting for electric cars instead of petrol and diesel cars in an effort to minimise their individual carbon footprint. By 2035, Ford has announced that all their vehicles, including vans, will be electric-only. Stopping the production of the Fiesta will allow the company to focus on creating new electric vehicles that meet the needs and demands of consumers.

Ford Fiesta MK2 xr2

The Legacy of Ford Fiesta

Although the Fiesta is ending production, its legacy will continue to live on. Over the years, the car has won multiple awards, including the highly regarded World Car of the Year Award. It has also been a preferred option for rallies and motorsports events. Although it wasn't as successful as the previous Escorts, it still managed to triumph in six rounds of the World Rally Championship in 2011/12.

The Fiesta has a strong reputation for being a fun and affordable car that has helped millions of people go places. Even if you have never owned one yourself, you may have driven one as they have been very popular with driving schools in the past - how many people passed their driving test in a Fiesta?

Why We Will Miss the Ford Fiesta

The ending of Ford Fiesta production evokes several memories for us here at Abbeyfields Insurance, and we're sure we're not alone. The car has been a reliable companion for many drivers, it is affordable, and its design is timeless. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in collecting Ford Fiestas, especially the rare models like the Super Sport and XR2. Who would have thought that a 40-year-old Fiesta could fetch a price of over £20,000?!

Ford Fiesta is the type of car that people build legacies around, and we are grateful for the role it has played in the motor industry.

 Modern Ford Fiesta

All Wrapped Up!

It is difficult to see such a well-loved car go, but we shouldn't forget that the legacy of Ford Fiesta is still around, and its legacy will live on through classic Ford car clubs across the UK. Ford's decision to retire Fiesta also tells us a lot about the auto industry's current state, including consumer behaviour, competition, and manufacturers' priorities. It is safe to say that Ford Fiesta is an icon that will always be appreciated and remembered fondly.

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