Are you fed up with telephone options and call queuing? So are we!

The other day, I rang HMRC and was put straight through to a new automated attendant. It asks you to explain the reason for your call in a few words. Now I’m from West Midlands and I speak with a distinctive accent. This automated machine hadn’t a clue as to what I was saying even as I tried hopelessly to explain the reason for my call using the Queen’s English. As you can imagine, it was absolutely frustrating and just added more unnecessary time to the call.

Communication is moving away from the traditional phone call where you are put straight through to a human being. Businesses are becoming more dependent on digital methods. Yes, you can still ring up service providers but as you can see from my experience with HMRC, very rarely can you ring and speak to someone straight away. This is also becoming the norm with well-known classic car insurance providers.

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Imagine you are buying or selling a marque. Because this is a specialist service, you will most likely get straight through to a service provider such as a dealer when you call. Many specialist industries still retain the option of direct calling, so why should classic car insurance not be the same? That’s what really grinds our gears. We hate automated calling just as much as you do. Especially when you spend all that time going through menus and queuing and you get through to someone who hasn’t a clue about what you require.

Jayne Jordan sitting in an AC CobraAbbeyfields Insurance has been trading for six years, however, in the last six months, several classic car insurance specialists have joined our team from other well-known insurers. The reason why they came to work for us is that they have grown tired of how their previous employers are moving away from their roots as specialist providers. Essentially, we are crafting a business in response to the digitisation of life. We now have a collective of passionate classic car aficionados such as Jayne. She was literally beaming when she fulfilled her dream by sitting in an AC Cobra at the Classic Motor Show last year.

When you call us, you get straight through to one of our specialists. That’s one of the many reasons why we are the true alternative provider of specialist classic and multi car insurance. We are going to shake the industry and invite you to join us and get the specialist insurance cover and customer service you deserve. Our expertise is yours for the taking. Call us today.

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Stuart Moore

Stuart is our club liaison and has been proudly petrol heading since he can remember. He's also knows a thing or too about specialist vehicle insurance. Get a quote online or call Stuart on 0121 550 2380 - he's here 9 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri.