We have a long history of insuring great American classic cars and Hot Rods. Many vehicles have become iconic thanks to popular culture such as Hollywood films and American TV series. It’s no wonder there is a thriving community of American classic car owners right here in the UK. In fact, we are a part of it!

Abbeyfields Insurance is partnered with the American Auto Club UK. If you are a member, we’ll give you a generous discount off your American classic car insurance policy, even if you are a member of other owners or enthusiasts clubs in the UK. Get a quote from us today to find out how much you can save.

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Here are some common questions about American classic car insurance.

Do you provide modern American classic car insurance?

Yes, we do. As part of our modern classic car insurance scheme, we are able to cover your modern American classic car.

Do you insure Hot Rods?

Yes, we are able to insure Hot Rods including a wide range of customisations and modifications such as engine replacements, suspension changes and custom paintwork. We are unable to cover NOS.

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